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Ali Ahmar

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Ali Ahmar is an intelligent Genie in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability: Three Wishes:

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

“Ain’t you meant to live in a lamp?” questioned the small human male. Ali turned his turbaned head towards the diminutive form. He studied the tattered clothed form, gaunt from malnutrition and abandonment. How did the human species ever survive, he thought not for the first time. They disrespect their own young so easily.

Djinn honoured and welcomed all offspring as gifts from the heavens. Since the cataclysm an eon ago, a new Djinn was a rare and wonderful thing. The way human and other humanoids seemed to excrete smaller versions both repulsed Ali and caused some jealousy. “A lamp?” he said. “We can take many forms, unlike you Djinn aren’t tied to one short delicate shape.”

“Oh” replied Sascha, an obvious street urchin. Ali assumed the child was a pickpocket at best, trying to create a better life on the streets. At worse he was a member of a Guild or gang, his lifespan predetermined to be short, painful and unhappy.

“Do you do wishes, I mean if I release you from your bounds? I heard a story once from old Ma Heather, she has a book on folk like you”. The boy seemed to have no end to his curiosity. “Djinn can do many wonderful things, and sometimes yes we can grant that which you wish the most. Mostly that is not what you need the most.” “Right now” continued Ali. “I would guess you would want a good meal and a place to sleep. Yes?” The Djinn paused. Sascha nodded, a tongue involuntarily licking dry lips. “A full stomach tonight would do little when you have nothing next week. That is the problem with a short lifespan. You humans don’t think more that the next meal or the day.”

The child looked down for a minute, confirming Ali’s assumption about the mind within. “That is an appealing wish.” The child said. “There are many times I have wished for a meal and warm bed. Many times I have wanted something now, not thinking on later.”

Sascha looked up, his eyes no longer childlike but burning with intense heat and energy. “What I would wish for, if you had a wish to give, is a future I can do good with. What I wish for is knowledge and strength to make something of my life. I study with Brother Ben to get me learnings right, I work the streets to earn a coin or two. I don’t need a wish from you to get that.”

Ali laughed. A deep and rebounding sound that reverberated off the nearby walls. “I can’t give you knowledge, you are right in that you have to earn it.” Ali said. “But here” the Djinn gestured and magical energy arced from his fingers. “Here is a pouch of coin to get you more than one meal and bed.”

The child smiled with wonder and held the pouch in his hands. He looked up.

“Thank you Genie.”

But Ali was gone, a wisp of smoke all that remained.