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Ash is the loyal hound of Blitz Haben in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability:

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

Mine growled Left, his teeth gnashing as the white bone, the marks chiseled deep in its surface indicated it’s age. No mine growled Right, another bone held pbetween the razor sharp canines. Centre looked from one to the other. A deep throaty growl and a vicious snarl at each of its brothers was the only answer it gave.

Blitz smiled at the raw mildly tamed beast before him. He had guessed that three bones would be perfect for his latest crew member. Some might have said a Cerebus wasn’t the best Brigade member. They would mention the pit of hell from which it’s ancestor had come. As far as Blitz was concerned, when you needed to fight fire sometimes it was better to have an aid who knew about brimstone and flame then one that didn’t.

The training had taken longer than he had anticipated. Three heads meant three ways the beast would go. Simple fetch could turn into a twisting turling mass of heads and legs. Spinning bodily the beast would first lead with it’s right then left then centre then back to left head. The focus other animals had was lost on the Cerberus.

Blitz had patience. He used all the skills he had learnt from years working with racing dogs to turn the snarling beast into one of the best companions the Brigade had.

Besides the results spoke for themselves. Not only was it a good companion on cold nights alone in the Firehouse. Its tight powerful muscles could carry a heavy load and it seem immune to fire, flame and heat.

Yes Blitz was happy with his work.

He named the beast after the only thing in its wake. Ash was true to his name.