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Brother Ben


Brother Ben is a human priest in the town of Tinderbox.



  • The Brigade

Brigade Ability: Take an extra turn after any turn in which you make the final upgrade on a track of your firehouse board.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

“Ummm I think it’s four?” offered Rose. “Don’t ask me what the answer is” returned the imposing figure as he leaned over the young child. “You need to believe in your answer or try for another one.” The child thought for a moment, looked down at the malformed scratchings of numbers and symbols. Her ‘working’ involved a convoluted path of near circular writing. She couldn’t see any errors, she thought she had it right. “It’s four” she said, her face upturned to her teacher and priest. “Good!” he bellowed standing upright, a smile on his face. Ben affectionately thought of her as the Hedgehog due to her impossibly unkempt hair. “Good, much better. You will have learning even if I have to keep you here another year!”

Sometime, and few more successful problems later, Brother Ben dismissed his pupil and closed the door to school room.

It depressed him that only a few children came to his free lessons. The general rabble Tinderbox thought little of proper learning. If they could scratch a mark or add the fingers on each hand (sometimes even together) they thought they had enough.

If they only knew, he thought. The more you know, the more becomes clear. Obviously, too much knowledge could be a bad thing, but just enough. Just enough was almost perfect.

He was careful when teaching the urchins and lost children of the streets. He gave them enough to be smarter than their rivals but not enough to rival the Council and Nobles who rule the town. The same people who ensured his tin was full each Seventh day and whose children they let him teach.

You see to Brother Ben, aside from his faith, learning and education were paramount. He believed that when you learnt something, when you understood it completely, you gained new abilities. Like the words of Saint Claudia herself; Insight will unburden you, knowledge will set you free and all the world will be yours.

Such was the Will of the Gods. So while he taught the sons and daughter of the rich and powerful, and gave his time to the downtrodden and low, Ben gained the joy of teaching, of sharing.