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Chops Murphy

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Chops Murphy is an obnoxious mercenary in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability: Whenever you gain the loyalty of a block, you may increase the intensity of an adjacent block by 2.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

The laugh seemed to bounce off every surface all at once. “That’s when I said. Little man, I did not see you”. Another bout of laughter echoed from the big man.

His companions nervously grinned, you didn’t always need to find the humour in a joke. Besides, what Chops Murphy lacked in comic timing he made up with his sheer size. It helped that his axes looked sharp.

It was about then that Chops remembered that he was still carrying the diminutive man under a large sweaty armpit. “Oops” he said, none to gentle placing the singed, stunned and slightly shocked man on the top of a nearby table. “Good thing I come along when I did”. One large hand patted the man on his crisp still smoking head. A murmur of agreement ran through the crowd. “Yes ‘em” “A good thing too” “Marvelous!” As one they stepped back. The group mind had decided to give the large man some additional room. Afterward Alderman Jack, a mild mannered entrepreneur type, would explain to his wife that there was an air of danger surrounding mercenary come firefighter. “I thought to meself I best be givin’ ‘im some space”

Chops had a unique method to reduce the intensity of fire nearby. In simple terms, he moved it.

To add some complexity to that statement you need to understand the techniques Ivan employed. Wielding two large, sharp and heavy axes Ivan wasn’t known for his delicate or strategic entrances. He certainly didn’t find barriers a problem to entering a burning, or otherwise, building.

His technique also had the added benefit of removing any burning, smoldering or indeed flammable-not-quite-yet-on-fire-could-havebeen- saved material out of his general vicinity. Whilst this method did indeed ensure the area near him was safe and clear from flames. It did, however, increase the risk of collateral damage to the neighbouring buildings.

Flying detritus, often on fire, was an unfortunate side effect of Chops otherwise effective technique.

Another altogether unrelated issue was Chops employed his flailing methodology to other parts of life. Such as moving through a crowded tap room or entering a china shop.