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Del Uge

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Del Uge is a "just awoken" giant in the town of Tinderbox.



  • The Brigade

Brigade Ability: Each time you gain the loyalty of a common block reduce the intensity on any other block by 2.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

The night was rowdy. A large group from the University were celebrating a victory. It was clear that many attending were not sure if it was a sporting feat or academic. No one seemed to mind either way.

Regulars huddled nearer the edges of the room, grumbled and had some trouble getting to the bar. A scuffle, raised voice, a shove and beating of chests turn quickly to a pained scream “Randy’s on Fire!” .

Del turned and started moving before it knew what had happened. The crowded room had suddenly coalesced closer to it’s edges, patron’s muttered in annoyance having discovered that their personal space was suddenly smaller. A figure with flames leaping up a trouser leg was in the center of action. An overturned lamp spilled fuel into the growing flames. Using its free flowing body Del raced across the room. Without thought engulfed the burning man, consuming the fire and carried him above the crowd to lay him safe, wet and fire free on the bar.

The University students, well versed in treating burns, soon had the sodden, singed and blackened man was on his feet with tankard in hand. Many hands got damp back slapping a thank-you to the Elemental. Bells, hooves and clomping boots spilled in from outside. Then through the doorway cantered.

Fire Chief Blaze Bernhardt himself. Quickly getting a multi-viewed rundown of the events Blaze pulled the Elemental aside.

“You know the Brigade needs men, umm Elementals, like you. You seem to have all the right attributes to help us out. That is if you are looking for more work…”

Del had found a purpose!