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Ebenezer is a sturdy golem in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability:

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

“Guaranteed is not the half of it” said the man in a ponytail and large open-topped shirt. “A Golem is built to serve, no matter what. They are built by mystics from the land the Temples and clay. Known as Kabb”. He dramatically waved his hand across his body and waved it up and down in front of the Golem.

“I know the history,” said a grey-bearded man in long robes. He wasn’t impressed with the salesmans presentation. After all Thorsten Schleer was a Professor of Constructs and had spent time in the Temple lands of Kabb himself. “What I want to know” Thorsten continued “is how it ended up here some 5,000 miles away from it's homeland?” “The journey of this magical artifact is one of legend. A bard of renown would be needed to give it the words it deserves” “Mostly bullshit then” Thorsten was beyond annoyed with foolish man. He signed and tried once more to get a simple answer. “A truncated version would suit me.” “The price for this prize deserves more than a few dot points…” the salesman stalled in his pitch as his eyes crossed, drawn to the point of a very sharp and steady blade.

Thorsten held his cane rapier pointing at the bridge of the man’s nose. “I will pay for the Golem, the amount I pay depends on the next words from your mouth.” Thorsten’s voice was as steady as his blade. “Tell me how you got the Golem.” “I b b bought it f f f from a t t travelling mm merchant” He stammered, then swallowed as Thorsten moved the blade a foot back. “He told me, umm taught me how to make it do things, the notes in it’s mouth you know…” “Yes I know how to work a Golem” Thorsten answered. “What was the merchant’s name” “I didn’t ask” the salesman said. “I am sure you didn’t it.” with a sigh Thorsten put his blade away and drew a pouch of coins from this belt. “This is what the Golem is worth, with a little extra for your trouble. Assume that is satisfactory?” “Ahh” began the salesman, the scent of money bringing him back to the moment. A look from Thorsten stopped him, he nodded and accepted the pouch.

Thorsten wrote a few Kabbish words on a piece of parchment and replaced the simple command follow the Salesman had inserted. Tutting to himself about amateurs Thorsten turned back towards the University. The Golem turned and smiled at the Salesman. Pulling out the parchment it mouthed a Thank you and followed the Professor. Ebeneezer’s plans were coming together, maybe this learned man could tell him how he gain sentience, how he could free his people.