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Esme Morrow


Esme Morrow is a powerful sorceress in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability: If a fireball would land where your Brigade is, you may choose to redirect it to any adjacent tile.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

Esme heard the child’s scream, her feet moved before she had time to register, before she had time to think.

She flicked her wrist and made a complex pattern with her fingers, muttering an arcane phrase. The small fire in the hearth extinguished, causing the stew’s rolling boil to slow. The books, open and scattered across her workbench, neatly stacked themselves in the cabinet, which firmly locked behind them. The open window shut, it’s clasp clicking into place. As Esme exited, the door slid into it’s frame, a soft pulsing blue glow appearing for a moment before fading.

She had always taken precautions, but even more so in Tinderbox. There was something here that wanted to break free, something wild and hot and almost certainly, on fire. Running down the cobbled street Esme did a quick spell-check, making sure her various levels of protection and shielding were in place. Esme wasn’t ever a girl scout (they frown upon young girls playing with fire that appears on the end of one’s finger) but she was always prepared. Her shields had deflected flying daggers, arcs of lightning energy and even on one occasion a large angry duck. Apparently ducks are quite protective of their nest, even when a sorceress is in need of an egg for an omelette.

As she rounded the corner Esme saw the cause for the screaming child. Realising, now she was closer, it was in fact screaming children. High in the sky a large fireball arched inevitably downwards towards the Giant’s Shoe Orphanage.

This wasn’t the evil that had brought her halfway around the world, but it was imminent and was within her power to assist. Charging against the tide of fleeing citizens, surprisingly few of them assisting the fear filled children, the depths of humanity no longer surprised Esme.

Arriving at the front door of the Orphanage, Esme gestured to the gaggle of children and their guardian to retreat inside the giant shoe. Esme closed her eyes and reached deep inside her, finding the wellspring of power. She tapped into it’s reserve, pulling tendrils up and forming a mystical dome around her, the nearby people, and the orphanage.

The fireball pounded into the magical barrier, causing several people to drop to the ground as they saw their life flash before them. The barrier held and deflected the fireball off. Sweat beaded on Esme’s brow, the run and exertion of magical energy left her drained.

Ignoring the heartfelt thanks and stunned faces of those she had saved from certain death all Esme could think about was that cooling stew and eating the whole potful of it.