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Gness Smold


Gness is a goblin merchant in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability: Whenever you finish your movement on a block that is on fire, increase the intensity by 1

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

Gutrot, moonshine, hooch, skullbuster or firewater. If you wanted something to erase your dreary life, or in some rare cases (although still unproven) erase life completely, then Gness was your, well, Goblin. Never one to shy away from an opportunity

Gness saw profit in the University’s waste. After tapping a few strategic locations Gness was able to extract several different liquids, or at least viscous substances, from the drainage system of the University. With a few experimentations, and a number of small explosions, and a decreasing list of ‘volunteer’ taste-testers. Wink was able to combine these magical chemical substances into a mostly non lethal beverage. Known as Smold’s Draft, the concoction soon garnered interest in the underground bootlegging community. One such connoisseur was Niall O’Conner, unfortunately for Niall his taste for hardcore liquor wasn’t matched with a suitable stamina.

After passing out the still mostly full vessel rolled over, spilling it’s contents towards a lit candle. Thankfully the ever vigilant Brigade managed to pull Niall, almost unscathed aside from a 2 week hangover, to safety and control the fire. The flammability rating for Smold’s Draft has never been repeated, it is now recommended that you extinguish all flames within a 2 block radius before consuming.