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Immora is a Vampire from a rich Noble family in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability: Each time you gain the loyalty of a Noble block put 1 renown on any other Noble block.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

Running feet and the slam of a door. The sounds of another one gone, another one that didn’t have the fortitude to stay. Or the good grace to at least take their leave! Immora knew before she sounds had faded, the maid had opened the wrong door. Seen the carefully stored and labeled jars and bottles. They had found her blood. It wasn’t as if vampires were rare, however, they certainly weren’t common. No one that lived forever could be considered common, and besides Immora certainly wouldn’t let the side down by becoming, common. She guessed that even though it was mostly a badly kept secret she was a vampire, the confirmed knowledge had an adverse effect on household staff.

She rang her bell.

A hunchback deformed figure knocked even as he entered the room. “Yesh Mishtresh”

“Another one is gone”

“Yesh, Shhocking!”

Immora sighed, “Yoann, Can you make sure that the next one at least has some back bone to them. It’s not as if I actually eat my staff, that would be bad form” Immora began to pace. “I came here to live peacefully amongst these people. I took the vow. Not that the rabble seem to care.”

Yoann had heard this rant before and let his mind wander a while. He was sure the Mistress would be fine after she vent. He would get a new maid, maybe one with some experience of life. The older women tended to be less flighty. Yesh Yoann thought A crone would be so much better. “I really do a lot for the community you know” Immora was still going. Yoann nodded in agreement.

“I helped out Lord Ignis with that issue at his farm house. I helped that nice Knight Ivan Bertrand out as well, gave him a few good jobs”

“Yesh Mishtresh, all the noble housheholdsh reshpect you.”

“So they should!”

Immora paused, sighed again. “All this angst makes me thirsty, grab me a glass of 24 would you?”

“Yesh Mishtresh”

Yoann turned to fetch a bottle, he knew when the Mistress started to drink a young vintage she couldn’t stop at one glass. He would need to visit the hospital again soon, hopefully, some other young man will have an accident.