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Ivan Bertrand

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Ivan is a knight from a poor Noble family in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability: Your wagon may extinguish a fire of 1 intensity on its own, once per turn. You gain the renown.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

Hard times call for hard decisions. Being holed up in this backwater town without a commision in sight, Ivan did the best he could. His once mighty steed’s powerful flanks that carried him and his lance into enemy lines and out again, where withered and lost to time. Marco would never carry a fully armour knight again, could barely carry the children he earned a few coppers for at the Seventh day fair.

House Bertrand was not what it used to be. An Uncle’s debit, a liege lost to madness and this is where a Knight can end up. Hauling goods and polishing armour that may never see a blade, blood or battle again. The noble houses of Tinderbox did all they could to help a fellow aristocrat, Ivan was invited to act as a military advisor on household security. Something that was both beneath and beyond Ivan‘s actual skills. Moving an army across a hostile plain, providing food and supplies for a thousand men or planning an assault on a keep where more akin to Ivan’s skillset. Yet here he was once again, preparing for a gala, a ball of some renown to this backwater town. A new Mayor needed a ‘bodyguard’ behind him, he wanted to show off some link to nobility. So the only noble in Tinderbox who could easily be bought, Ivan thought of it as a hire, was polishing his armour.

The mindless work allow Ivan to think, he didn’t want to admit that mostly that was dwelling on his past, the mistakes and misfortunes amongst the joys and victories. The fire last week at Chests-R-Us tugged at his mind. The strategist in him couldn’t let go of the fact that the wagon, only a block away, couldn’t have acted quicker. It was only after the Warden arrived that they could access the water and put out the flames. Surely it didn’t need a Warden to do such a simple task.

In military terms a good corporal, an enlisted man, could take charge and, under the right instructions, act. He would need to mention that to the Fire Chief when he next saw him, maybe a slight distraction would be useful. Gods knew he needed something better than polishing armour to occupy his time.