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Kulari One-Shoe

Kulari One-Shoe is a "just awoken" giant in the town of Tinderbox.



  • The Brigade

Brigade Ability: You may move 5 blocks instead of 3 when you take a Move Brigade action

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

Kulari awoke. Not in the way that a child does, not in the I’m up and ready to take on the world way. She awoke in the way that a mountain might wake.

Her body rumbled and shook. Sinews stretched and popped, bones shifted and ground together. Material of clothing built more like house cladding strained and bent, becoming pliable again.

The earth around the giantess groaned and creaked. The pavement moved in waves as her body moved to wakefulness.

Kulari had found this quiet corner sometime last autumn, she was tired and the warmth from the forge was comforting. A giants slumber is never short, nor can it be stopped. For nearly half a year the laneway behind Chests-R-us was blocked from the east. It was just a fact of life, living with giants.

Shaking loose the small tree that had grown in the crook of her arm, Kulari rubbed two massive hands over her face. A small deposit of alluvial soil was knocked from her opening eyes.

Shifting from one side to another finally Kulari pulled herself from the crater formed by her slumber.

She looked around, bleary but becoming aware. Her blinking eyes cleared into focus. “Shit!” she said. “Where’s my shoe?”