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Lumen is a gargoyle in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability: University blocks require one less water to extinguish. You gain renown as normal rules.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

“He is here, always and forever”. The student’s brow furrowed in confusion, He knew the look and waiting for the realisation. The young man, who’s He thought may use the name Phillipe, would get it soon and He could move on, it happened before and would happen again. Like it always did and always will.

“Ummm” began the boy, his face showing determination to get an answer. “When did you first arrive in Tinderbox” “In the beginning. When the first was here, so was He” replied Lumen “He?” the student questioned, a moment later. “Oh I get it, you are He!” Quite quick this one, Lumen thought. He had better watch what He says. A slow scraping nod was answer enough for the student to begin anew his questioning. “It says here...” a book appeared with well thumbed pages and many tags and loose sheets of notations sticking out in a haphazard fashion. “Aaaah yes it’s in chapter 14…” the student turned more pages, a few notes and tag fell in his rush to get to the quote. “Yes here ummm ...” The Gargoyle will know the best way to reduce the impact of the flame. “What does that mean?” The young man’s eyes raised from the page to stare at the stone figure. A cool breeze tugged at his jacket and threatened to turn the pages of the ancient tome in his hands.

“It means He has been here always and forever, and that He knows about this place” replied the gargoyle, its stone mouth grinding as it opened and closed. His red eyes bore into the students making his shiver. “But what does that mean?” Not so smart Lumen thought as he spread his wings, the thin membrane of stone stretched in a way that stone shouldn’t. Sighing he crouched slightly before launching off the roof using the uplift of height to seek a more suitable and less accessible spot to watch.

He guards this place, like He always has and He always will. Despite what happens within it’s walls