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MacStomachs´s Dwarven Distillery

MacStomachs´s Dwarven Distillery is an alcohol manufacturer in the town of Tinderbox.



Destroyed Ability: MacStomachs exploded when flipped over to ignite surrounding buildings by spraying them with pure alcohol.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

Khomar MacStomach is a highly misunderstood heroic figure in dwarven, culture who would be quite disappointed in his legacy. One of the finest minds of his age, MacStomach was an alchemist keen on improving the spiritual welfare of his people through discovering a “common essence” which he believed underpinned the fundamental elements of existence.

His discoveries relied on the use of various scientific methods that he either invented or independently developed, and he is often credited as the inventor of freeze distillation, charcoal filtering, and the bottle cap. He was quite aware of the alcoholic properties of many of his elixirs, but considered this a flaw in the “health tonics” that he was intending to make. Nevertheless, his concoctions proved popular with drinkers and his “failed formulas” were bought by an entrepeneur who also acquired the rights to use the MacStomach name in marketing.

Few now recall MacStomach’s finer works in the field of alchemy, and the buffoonish caricature used as a marketing gimmick for the company that bears his name is a sad mockery of one of science’s most underrated geniuses.