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Mal Condor

Mal Condor is a night watchmen in the town of Tinderbox.



  • The Brigade

Brigade Ability: Each time you gain the loyalty of a Council block take a Recruit action for free.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

“What tactic shall we do Captain?” said the eager recruit. Mal looked into the wide eyed youth, her face full of enthusiasm, respect and keenness. So much keenness. Mal certainly couldn’t remember ever feeling that excited about the Watch. When he first started his squad of new recruits mostly hid in the shadows and made sure not to be noticed by anyone, especially not the more senior officers.

In his day a new recruit survived to be an older recruit and even promoted to an actual Watch member, by not being noticed. No one likes a Watchman that was noticed. In those days it was crime prevention by both ignoring the crime happening and the reporting of it afterwards.

The modern Watch had undergone ‘organisational reform’ and as such had Values and a Code of Conduct that was designed to protect Watch members that even extend to some of the general community. Mal signed. “In these circumstances, we, as the Watch, need to contain the area. Make sure the ruckus doesn’t impede on other lawful citizens.” He tried to smile at the recruit, his mind racing to remember the youths name. “You see… Officer, the brawlers have a right to a good fight just as much as Madame Zazibella over there has to tell fortunes. Our job is to make sure that these two events don’t overlap.” Besides, thought Mal, Madame Zazibella was up to date with her contribution to the Watch Christmas and Orphan fund. That was a kind of loyalty the Watch appreciated.

“So” began the recruit. “I should set up a perimeter exclusion zone?”

“Yes” Mal replied happy that as his Mam always said, give idle hands something to do. “Splendid work young, ummm”

“Neil, Sir”

“Yes Neil, good work. Now hop to it, a perimeter between the fortune teller and the Dwarfs and the Fairy Godmothers.”

Not that Mal thought the brawl would last much longer. It looked like the Dwarfs had had a few barrels before the event had started. He noted a few uninjured looking Dwarfs passed out on the outer edge of the melee zone. Then again the Fairy Godmothers were known to fight dirty, that’s what you get when you take on folk that can make wishes come true. Satisfied the situation was under control Mal grabbed a tankard and sampled some of the Dwarvish brew, he probably was only going to get in two quick drafts before it was over. At least the reporters weren’t here.