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Morgana Magos

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Morgana Magos is a wizard in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability: Once per turn you may move your wagon without it costing an action.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

Energy blossomed in blue/white arks. Her hands moved in complex patterns, dancing with the arcane flames. Sweat beaded on her forehead, concentration lines creased around her eyes.

She was stillness, surrounded by panic. People rushed forward, calling for help. A loud man, bearded and barreled barked orders. He called for men to lift, he called for a medic. Some heard him and quickly took up the ideas. Some screamed and stood in fear.

Thrashing hooves threatened injury and worse to those getting too close to the tangled mess of wagon, leather and equine. “Sven is under that” said one onlooker. Another indecisive, moved back and forwards not sure whether to move close or run away. Morgana reached deep inside the well of mana. Potent power pulsed around her body as she slowly rose off the ground. Her eyes opened, glowing in a soft ethereal light, her lips moved, saying the spells final words: “Res enim esset quid immo videri”

The wagon jolted. The horse’s panicked whinney changed tone to surprise. Slowly the whole tangled mass rose, twisting slowly to once again be parallel to the ground, seven or eight feet below.

A pause.

Stillness flowed across the gathered crowd, as they marvelled at the arcane feat. “Help… me” said the forgotten wagon driver, his broken body shifting painfully now it was released from the overturned wagon. The crowd too was released from the vision of the magic. Rushing forward careful, gentle hands helped the injured man onto a stretcher and off to the ministrations of a just arriving medic.

Morgana lowered the wagon and horse to the earth, patted the horse’s nose, then gentle as a breeze floated away.