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Nery Cagehand

Nery Cagehand is a Ratcatcher in the town of Tinderbox.



  • The Brigade

Brigade Ability: To steal a block that is loyal to you, the stealing player will need 2 extra renown instead of 1.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

“I knows where you at.” The diminutive gaunt faced man muttered. “I always knows where you hides” He sniffed, wiping a stained shirt sleeve across an equally dirty face. The rat catcher was in a half crouch, head tilted, as if the cowled robe could amplify the sounds of his prey. A hesitant figure appeared in the doorway behind him. A clearing throat brought a quick hand signal for silence. A squeak and tiny claws skittering brought the man’s attention to the corner of the storeroom. There behind the broken shelves and cobwebs a brown-grey furred body appeared. Throwing himself flat the rat catcher reached out feigning to the left only to scoop the rouge rodent in his right hand. Jumping to his feet he slipped the stunned rat into a purpose made pouch on his belt. This brought the total to five.

“You earned the discount” he said to the hesitant shadow at the doorway. “Two a piece for the first four, last one for free”. It was always at this point that the once grateful recipient of rodent infestation suddenly had changed. Money tended to erase the fear.

Never fear thought Nery Cagehand, I can always let ‘em go if shims don’t pay. He tried his best grin, it never worked but no harm in trying.

A few quick minutes later Nery was standing in the back lane pondering how a great vampire slayer like Von Dredd was so disturbed by a few little ratties. Nery shrugged, patted his scarred sure hands on his heavy pouch of coins and even heavier pouch of rats.

Not a bad day after all he thought as he walked down the lane.