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Sir Precious

Sir Precious is an annoyance in the town of Tinderbox.


  • Sir Precious belongs to a witch or widower


  • The Brigade

Brigade Action: ??.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit


Glint shuddered and looked around the narrow street. The sound seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once.


The hiss seemed closer, angry and urgent. Glint’s steel-shod boots made small sparks on the cobblestones. While the Brigade was often called to rescue kitties and other animals from trees and similar high places, Glint knew this was one feline he didn’t want to cross paths with. He had heard the stories of the black beast known only as Sir Precious.

Sir Precious, it was said, was the prize and spoilt pet of a spinster or widower or witch depending on the version told. In any case, on the death of his owner by fire the beast took it upon itself to avenge her death on any member of the Brigade it found. Mostly this meant the afflicted Brigade member would need to spend a fair amount of time extracting needle sharp claws, hissing biting face and a bulk that was deceptively heavy for its lithe physique. Time that should be spent fighting fires.

Glint’s mind flooded with these thoughts as he hurried towards his intended destination. A fire had broken out at Viggo’s Ye Olde Signe Shoppe. Glint had hoped he could contain the potential before it got worse, or spread to other neighbouring buildings. The short cut down the alley was an error he was certainly regretting.

Glancing back he saw movement near a pile of rubbish on his left. A noise, a soft growl came from the right. Twisting, Glint lost his balance and fell. Grunting in pain, surprise and annoyance Glint rolled to his knees. Breathing deep he began to heave himself upright. His arms buckled as a hard heavy-weight hit his armoured back. Scratching claws sought purchase on the hardened steel of his backplate. Glint cried out in anger and hauled himself up. Trying to dislodge the creature before it could gain a secure grip on him.

Pain. Sharp instant pain, flooded Glint’s mind. Sir Precious had managed to leap up as Glint rose, the feral beast’s claws were embedded deep into the Dwarfs scalp. Glint knew he needed help to extract the cat and gave up on the small fire a few blocks away. Turning his feet he ran full tilt back towards the firehouse.