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The Barmaid's Tale

It's not my fault!Edit

The Barmaid's Tale is a game of blame and stortelling.

Players each take on the role of a terrible adventurer, that goes on a quest with other terrible adventurers. Upon returning from the quest empty handed, players deal out blame to each other until eventually someone admits it.

The GameEdit

The Barmaid's Tale is scheduled for release in February next year on kickstarter.

The Barmiad's Tale also introduced Tinderbox's currency.

Board Game Geek ListingEdit

The Barmaid's Tale on BGG


Tinderbox TimesEdit

The Tinderbox Times is the local newspaper covering all the latest stories of what is happening in Tinderbox and surrounding cities. We have scavenged a few from the flames for you to read.

The AdventurersEdit