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== Reviews ==
== Reviews ==
[ Tom Vasel]
*[ Tom Vasel]
*[ The Campaigner]
[ The Campaigner]
*[ Unfiltered Gamer]
*[ Edo's]
[ Unfiltered Gamer]
*[ Board Game Ben]
*[ Dismas]
[ Edo's]
*[ Brett Speil Tester]
*[ ATGN]
[ Board Game Ben]
[ Dismas]
[ Brett Speil Tester]
== Dice Hard ==
== Dice Hard ==

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Welcome to Tinderbox

...sorry about the weather... The city of Tinderbox has, rather predictably, caught fire.

Although no-one has formally admitted responsibility, a large fire storm has appeared above the Pyromancers University and fireballs are raining down on the city.

As such it’s a good time to be a firefighter, if being hero is your thing.

In The Brigade you control rival firehouses offering protection to the good citizens of Tinderbox. The aim of the game is to win the Loyalty of the people with acts of heroic fire fighting and earn the coveted position of Fire Chief.

The Game

The Brigade was launched on Kickstarter in August 2017 raising just over $170,000.

The game is a semi co-op where players are rival firefighters trying to become the Fire Chief while also trying to keep the town from becoming a pile of ash.

Board Game Geek Listing

The Brigade on BGG


Dice Hard

Dice Hard is a podcast turning movies into board games. They did a 3 piece special for the Brigade release.

Dante's Peak

Reign of Fire

Ghost Rider

Lore Book

The Brigade was featured in the first Lore Book Vol I


Tinderbox Times

The Tinderbox Times is the local newspaper covering all the latest stories of what is happening in Tinderbox and surrounding cities. We have scavenged a few from the flames for you to read.

The Town

The town is made of random location tiles arranged in a grid. These locations around Tinderbox inspired many tales - some that were even true. The town has 4 factions, Noble's Rise, The Commons, Council Quarters and Merchant Markets, each location was associated within one of these factions.

No Faction

Noble's Rise

The Commons

Council Quarters

Merchant Markets

The Warden's

The Crew