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(Welcome to Tinderbox once again)
(Tinderbox Tales Volume I)
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== Games ==
== Games ==
=== [[Tinderbox Tales Volume I]] ===
=== Tinderbox Tales Games ===
*[[The Damsel's Tale]]
*[[The Damsel's Tale]]
*[[The Barmaid's Tale]]
*[[The Barmaid's Tale]]

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Welcome to Tinderbox once again

Tinderbox Tales are stand alone games, made to fit in beautiful book boxes, incorporating characters and buildings from The Brigade and it's surrounds.

Each one comes with a story in the rulebook depicting that particular Tinderbox Tale and expands the Vague World further.

The games are loosely based on the stories by Geoffrey Chaucer, the author, poet and philosopher.


Tinderbox Tales Games

Tinderbox Tales Volume 2

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