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Walder Ranier


Walder Raneir is a Duke in the town of Tinderbox.



  • The Brigade

Brigade Ability: Whenever an opponent refills, they then remove one water token after refilling.

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

“Taxation” said Walder, the room went quiet and all eyes turned to him. Walder smiled, he had a grin that cut like a knife. There wasn’t anything pleasant about Walder Ranier’s smile. There was little pleasant at all about the Duke. He was notorious as a hard man to work for. His staff knew any slight infraction or mistake would cost them at pay day. The other nobles in the room knew this and more about the Duke, but they also knew that he had most of them by the purse. You see Duke Walder Ranier was rich. Not in the way most noble were rich, not in the we own a country manor, a townhouse and an estate. He had those too. What Walder had that made him rich was actual money. He could actually afford to maintain and upkeep the properties he owned. He could actually afford the staff, servants and groundskeepers.

Some say he earnt his money from the interest he charged for the various loans many of his peers found themselves needing. Other say that in his youth he was a rogue and all his money is ill gotten.

The truth is rather mundane compared to the stories. The simple truth was Walder bought and sold the right things, at the right time. He like to call it playing the game. Walder studied hard as a young man. Learning all he could about the world and the various mysterious from all corners of the known land. He started to put together a list of things that were unique to each part. He also took note to what was missing. For instance he found that bananas grew in the jungles of Zamukito, yet the various tribes found there had no wheat substitute. Purchasing a large supply of flour he ventured forth to the hot humid jungle to trade. The simple inexpensive flour and the bread it could make bought him a lot of bananas, bananas he sold for a gold each on his return.

Currently, Walder controls not only a large percentage of the grocery trade across the known world, he branched out into lending, starting the first bank in Tinderbox. So it was no wonder his devious mind had seen a connection between the increasing demand for fire control and the supply of water. “It’s simple my dear fellows, we need to control the flow of water. If people want to put out a fire they will need access to our water.” The silence told him he needed to give them more. “After all it is us, the nobles that provide the services to the plebs, it was our father’s that built this town. We should at least benefit from their foresight…”

Well, at least I should benefit Walder thought as the rest of them voted in his plans for a water tax for fire fighting.