Way of the Wardens

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Welcome to Tinderbox[edit]

...We fixed the weather, but now...

Way of the Wardens is an expansion to be used with The Brigade. It included new player modes and pieces to be used with the base game.

What does it Include?[edit]

Play modes:

  • The Rise of the Phoenix Campaign Solo campaign
  • Catch the Pyromancer - 1 vs All mode - 4 Player
  • Catch the Pyromancer - 1 vs All mode - 5 Player
  • We are all in this together - Co-Op Mode
  • Big Building pack - increase the size of the town


  • Phoenix Meeple
  • Pyromancer Meeple
  • 5 new double sided wardens
  • 4 new standard blocks
  • 4 ability blocks
  • 5 new crew members
  • Item deck for solo and co-op play
  • 8 Big Building fireball event cards

Kickstarter Exclusive

  • Fire Festival Special Events

New Pieces[edit]

These are the new pieces in the Kickstarter release of Way of the Wardens. These will be replaced by the Firewatch pieces for future sales. Kickstarter Exclusive Buildings


Not Kickstarter exclusive Wardens