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Zilda Garrett

Zilda Garret is an accomplished assassin in the town of Tinderbox.



Brigade Ability:

Lore Book Volume 1Edit

Zilda ran along the roof of the pawnbroker, she paused to get her bearings in the dulling light.

While not technically on a job she liked to keep in top condition, which meant being able to gain advantageous positions, enter unseen and unheard and similarly vacant the area before the scream of discovery. Although a large amount of Zilda’s work was completed after she left, poison was often favoured amongst her clientele, she had an array of sharp deadly weapons on her person and the skill to use all of them efficiently.

The daily life of an assassin was not much different to any other professional, she studied up on the latest techniques and trends. Worked with current, future and potential clients. Kept her equipment in tip top condition and ensured her physical and mental health was at it’s peak.

This rooftop escapade was semi regular course, the roofs often changed but the path leading in and out of the University was constant. The height gave Zilda a good sense on the layout of the town, a map of which no cartographer has been able to map accurately.

Heading off Zilda passed several more dwellings, pausing again at the Henchman’s Lodge. Reminded of the upstart junior henchman she had expired last week. The commoner thought he could win the heart of a noble’s daughter. The fact that she had run away to live with him had little to do with the circumstance. She was back with her loving and rich family again, and Zilda’s purse had benefited.

The coroner had declared the henchman’s weak heart had just giving out after a particular heavy night of festivities.

Smiling to herself Zilda continued on, eager for the next job.