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The Anvil

The Anvil is a huge longhall in the middle of the Smog of seemingly simple dwarven aesthetic. It has modest stone walls with a number of brick hearths, utilitarian wooden longtables and benches, unadorned pewter plates and tankards. The rare bards that play tend toward sombre dirges and muted lays. No private rooms or beds are available. The stews and unleavened breads that comprise their menu are typical dwarven fare in that they are cheap, filling, and plentiful but also lacking in character.

The bitter red ale brewed under the Anvil has all the complexity and imagination that the menu lacks. The earthy, peaty malts give Anvil Red Ale a sweet filmy finish which is aggressively balanced by a generous late dry hopping process. The result is a bold and powerful beer which shows all the hallmarks of the great dwarven brewers of legend. Adventurous drinkers may be interested in trying the distilled spirit made using the same malt, though it is not for the faint of heart.

But what really makes the Anvil a great pub is the indoor bar games. Axe throwing is a regular pastime, as is Split The Fly, darts, and skittles. Wrestling and boxing bouts see a great deal of gambling though they are highly formal affairs. The tavern is long enough that indoor bawll matches have sometimes been held in there to rapturous acclaim.

Speaking of bawll, it should be noted that the Anvil is the traditional after-match drinking hole for the Freiburg Bloods and red scarves provide some of the only colour adorning the walls. Anyone walking in with a blue scarf symbolic of rival team the Freiburg Bruisers can expect a frosty reception at best.