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The Black Flag

Less a tavern and more of an independent microstate, the Sailors Arms claims to be subject to no laws other than those of the Pirate’s Code (though a rather well-informed colleague of mine claims that an anonymous donor annually donates a sum to the city equal to any taxes or other dues owed by the Flag, though they refuse to go on the record about it.) Built from the wrecks of three warships piled one atop the other, the Black Flag is a raucous boozehall where one murder a night is considered a dull evening and anyone falling into their cups is considered fair game for robbery.

Entertainment is often of the bawdy or adult variety, with shanties and other popular singalong tunes providing enough popularity to prevent most minstrels from being stabbed. Warlord Rage famously debuted his breakout warbeat set Listen To Your Blood here (even though it isn’t really considered a “warbeat pub.”)

I refuse to comment on the quality of the food and drink of the Black Flag other than to say that it is inexpensive and of dubious quality. The only exceptions are some of their sugarcane spirits and fortified wines which can be surprisingly smooth and complex when a good cask is available and hasn’t been tampered with.