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The Blank Parchment

Situated between the Library and University, the Blank Parchment is this author’s personal favourite establishment. The last building to fall in the shadow of the Spire before sunset, night always seems to come early in the snug confines of the Parchment and so does the entertainment. Philosophers, epic poets, and readings of historic speeches are more likely to be the entertainment of the evening than musicians and the many rooms are often reserved for the meetings of academic clubs and societies.

The house ale is suitably ink-black stout called Penman’s Porter which has a loyal following due to its richness and affordability. Wines and distilled liquors have a limited range but are of a higher shelf with the expected increase in cost. The kitchen specialises in soups served with freshly baked bread.

Lodging is available at the attached hostel, Notary House, a large boarding house familiar to many scribes and students who have at one stage been new to Fools Haven. Its dorms are clean and functional, but small and spartan. Free Traders should be aware that it has no stabling facilities; indeed, few in the Hub do.