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The Five Friars Monastery

The Five Friars were each respected brewmasters of various faiths who left their orders when their respective religions decided to become teetotal. Recognising their common love of alcohol, they founded a brewery to maintain their secret arts and over time it has become a religion of its own. The friars of the brewery are a popular institution particularly as they rarely proselytise and simply allow their works to speak for themselves.

The monastery is open daily and is open to the paying public. Though the monks have a wide selection of beers, they are most famous for being experts in the difficult process of lagering which has led to their most famous creation; Priory Gold Pilsner. This effervescent and refreshing golden beer is made with the waters of Festival Fountain and is best served cold in the cool stone basement beer halls beneath the monastery proper. Like all their beers, the recipe for this remarkable draught is a closely held secret.

The monastery does not serve food but Abbots Road (on which it is situated) attracts a number of street food vendors happy to fulfil the needs of hungry visitors. Undoubtedly the most popular drunken late night snack is Fat Edna’s Threepenny Special, which comprises of a fried crispy pig’s ear in a bread roll with tomato, chilli, and onion to taste.

The Monastery does not provide rooms or beds but intoxicated patrons who fall asleep on its floor are considered to be divinely blessed and are permitted to stay as long as they need.