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The Five Strings

Though the Garden District boasts a number of private lodges and supper clubs of great reputation, most are rather discerning in their clientele and are for members only. Unless one is of noble birth or of notable means entry is usually refused to the public. Those few inns and taverns that cater to the service sector often seem to be dull and quiet places.

But don’t be fooled. These places come alive after midnight once the butlers, cooks, and handmaidens have been relieved of duty and the actors, musicians, and artists have left the stage. And of all the wild late-night houses of revelry none is as well-renowned as the Five Strings, owned by During Thunderdeep, ex horn-player of Melodica. Thunderdeep has transitioned well from a member of the Vague World’s most popular musical act to publican and the Five Strings is undoubtedly Fools Haven’s most popular live music venue (though the Opera House claims to have a more discerning clientele with more refined acts.)

The Five Strings menu tends toward a selection of gourmet cheeses, cured meats, and pickled vegetables; foods which are easy to prepare and serve late at night with minimal need for kitchen staff. Wine is more popular than ale at the bar, but most popular of all is the house cider, Orchard Symphony. This refreshing and quaffable semi-sour cider is equally enjoyable on ice or mulled with spices and is deceptively powerful.

The Five Strings has rooms available but many are reserved for traveling musicians and other acts. Free Traders specialising in entertainment may find a successful gig at the Five Strings to be a huge boost to their career.