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The Hunter's Mark

Situated between Shieldbreaker’s Stables and Goodfellow Stadium, the Hunters Mark provides a rustic charm and has traditionally attracted travellers, hunters, and frontier folk. Trophies and furs are mounted on every available surface including the head of a massive beast resembling an antlered wolf or bear. These days the clientele tends to be more mixed than it used to, though it still sees its fair share of rugged outdoor types.

The Hunters Mark is also the traditional bar of the Freiburg Bruisers kickball team and blue scarves adorn the antlers of many a dour stag head. It isn’t uncommon for riots to occur after a loss, whereas a win can see a huge post-game celebration.

The menu tends toward game meats with rabbits and wild fowl roasted over redwood coals accompanied by mashed root vegetables, but the weekend sees large spits of wild boar and venison attracting scores of hungry regulars. The Mark also brews its own house beer, Trappers Brown Ale, which is a highly quaffable drink with a slight burnt toffee tang to the palate. The Mark is a large venue and has a number of rooms available of various quality, as well as a dorm that can sleep twenty. Stabling is available in collaboration with Shieldbreaker’s Stables.