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The town of Tinderbox was a nice quiet town, on the brink of starvation - but that may have been why it WAS so quiet. The Mayor at the time knew the key to his town’s survival was in the economy, so we wanted to attract more people. What better way then to facilitate the installation of one of the worlds most prestigious universities.

With the new school in the center of town, Tinderbox became a pretty busy landscape, the kind of busy you would get if you poor sugar water around an ant nest. People came from far and wide to learn and study with the best pyromancer’s in all the land.

Everyone was making more money, being more involved in the community, and no one was starving - not even the rats. That’s when it all started to go wrong...

Tinderbox TimesEdit

The Tinderbox Times is the local newspaper covering all the latest stories of what is happening in Tinderbox and surrounding cities. We have scavenged a few from the flames for you to read.